• Principles of Geographic Information Systems (GEOG: 480; Informatics Minor)
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GEOG/ESES: 379; Informatics Minor)
  • Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GEOG: 479)
  • Geovisualization (GEOG: 473)
  • Topics of Geographic Information Science (GEOG: 595)
  • Independent Study
  • Advanced Spatial Analysis



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LittleFe Project

Many institutions and teaching environments do not have access to parallel platforms for parallel and distributed computing education. Teaching key concepts such as speedup, efficiency, and load balancing is much more effectively done on a parallel platform. LittleFe is a complete 6 node Beowulf style portable computational cluster which supports shared memory parallelism (OpenMP), distributed memory parallelism (MPI), and GPGPU parallelism.