CyberInfrastructure and Geospatial Information Laboratory (CIGI) provides a cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure-enhanced GIS facility. The laboratory houses several high-performance computers and servers for performing computationally intensive geographic analysis and problem-solving in various research, education, and outreach contexts. CIGI projects range across several application domains such as environment and geographic sciences, public health and sustainability in which scientific discovery depends on large-scale and/or multi-scale geospatial problem-solving. CIGI provides access to national and international cyberinfrastructure such as the NSF XSEDE and Open Science Grid through a leading cyberinfrastructure-based GIS solution – the GISolve Toolkit that CIGI researches and develops, and is currently deployed as essential geospatial middleware across multiple cyberinfrastructure environments.

Virtual ROGER

Batch system
GPU Nodes
VMware Cloud
1 Petabyte Storage


Access to National CyberInfrastructure

Windows Server

ArcGIS Server
Microsoft SQL Server